Our Story

We are a family owned and operated authentic Artisan restaurant. As we prepare all of our dishes, we always strive for perfection each time. We are proud to serve you and believe you deserve to enjoy the best food along with the best customer service possible.

Many of you have asked about the story behind our name. Our family, spirituality, and heritage are most important to us so 3 in 1 Restaurant is named to honor all of those.

1) The Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

2) Our 3 sons: Juan, Javier, and Adrian

3) The 3 nationalities: USA, El Salvador, and Mexico

We sell our authentic artisan, hand-made Pupusas and Organic Sweet Corn Tamales in several Farmer’s Market around beautiful city.Wile participating in local Farmer’s Markets, we have the opportunity to purchase our fresh, organic produce, local hormone-free meats, and organic sweet corn, which are used to make our foods. By having a partnership with local farmers, we are able to deliver a healthier, flavorful product o you and your loved ones while also fueling our local economy and local farmers.

We are also striving to use biodegradable products in the restaurant, reducing  the need for chemicals used in washing dishes over and over again. we hope to reduce the heavy footprint of unneeded waste, giving the younger generation a chance to grow and strive without depending on other countries for food and water.

 By helping our local farming families and our local economy we can all make a difference. you have already contributed to that effort by being here and allowing us to serve you.

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